Home Mover Mortgage

If you already have a mortgage then, it’s a good idea, find out the following, before going any further

  • How much is outstanding
  • What interest rate is being charged
  • When does the existing deal end
  • Are there any early repayment charges
  • Is the current mortgage portable, i.e. can it be transferred to another property

With this information you need to contact Trusted Financial Solutions. We can advise you on how much you might be able to borrow toward your new property and answer any questions you have about the whole process.

By assessing your financial situation, we can help get an agreement in principle, which assists you to put an offer on a prospective property that can be firmed up into a full offer much quicker so you don’t miss out on your dream home.

For more advice on home mover mortgages, please give us a call.

Your home may be at risk if you faill to keep up with any payments within your mortgage contract,



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